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Sarasota Podcaster on Podcaster Conference 2006 Monday, January 9, 2006

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The Podcaster Conference 2006,Chapel Hill, NC
The Podcaster Conference 2006 was a huge success. Thank you everyone for making this event a great success. There were around 300 poeple and there were lot of other people like me from all over the country. Brian and all others who helped this organize did a great job and helped everyone. This one day event was well organized and everyone who attended this event learned a lot and got a chance to meet all other people.
The Conference have different session which was all useful for everyone. The session were:

  1. The 411 on How to Podcast
  2. Podcasting as a Teaching/Learning Strategy
  3. Advanced Podcasting Equipment and Configurations
  4. Copyright Law and Podcasting

Read the article about Podcaster Con 2006

Pictures of Podcaster Conference 2006, Chapel Hill, NC

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Podcaster Conference 2006

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