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Real Estate Sarasota. Podcasting Real Estate Properties – Property Casting Monday, January 30, 2006

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Realtors Real Estate Agents Home Buyers and sellers in Sarasota.Please read this great article about Property Casting.

Podcasting Real Estate Properties – Property Casting
By Ryan Matthew Hoback

Propertycasting is the filming of audio and video tours of real estate properties, for distribution over the internet or to portable devices such as cellphones, ipods, and other multimedia devices.

These tours are the next step in real estate marketing.

Real estate firms are always marketing their property listings.  It started with text letters, and lead to brochures with pictures.  Then websites were integrated and pictures along with 360 degree showings were available.

Now full scale audio and video tours are able to be shown, through numerous mediums.

In addition, propertycasting uses RSS subscriptions, which allows viewers to click a subscribe button once, and they will receive the new property listing updates from the agency, as soon as they make them public every time after.  It is the exact opposite of spam, and it is perfect for brokers with lots of contacts.

Here is an example of how propertycasting can benefit your firm. This video example was shot at a commercial property in Miami.  Propertycasting can be used in all areas of the real estate industry, Residential, Industrial , Commercial, etc..

Another great thing about propertycasting is its economic value.  Whether you are a single agent or nationwide firm, you can have a propertycast produced cost effectively.

If you’re unable to hire a professional firm to do your propertycasts, you can borrow or buy a digital video camera, spend a couple hundred dollars on some editing software, and use a $50 feed program to upload your podcasts to the web.  While this may take some technical savvy, and the quality may not be that great, it can be done relatively inexpensively. This makes it accessible to all agencies, regardless of size.

On the other hand, if you are a firm who has tens, hundreds or thousands of properties, it is not cost effective to do in house at all.

So utilizing a full service agency , allows a firm to produce a high quality production, that brands a firms image cost efficiently, and compliments their marketing activities.

Ryan Hoback is CEO of What I Want Podcasting. A full service business podcasting firm.


What I Want Podcasting,LLC


a subsidiary of

Motivated Entrepreneur, LLC.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_Matthew_Hoback


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