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Search Engine Optimization SEO tips for Small Businesses Sarasota Fl Friday, December 15, 2006

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 Search Engine Optimization SEO tips for Small Businesses Sarasota Fl

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a process to help your website come up in the rankings when a visitor searches the internet for your product or services. Every small business in Sarasota Florida will have a website, if not its very crucial your business has a Website. If you are building a website in-house or if you have a web design company do it for you, either way your website should follow the basic guidelines provided by search engines like Google, Yahoo ,MSN and other search engines.


Google Guidelines

You can find Google’s guidelines here in this link: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35769

What are these guidelines? If you take a step back and think about these guidelines, these guidelines are not designed for search engines but also the way humans think and view a site, for example the guidelines say use Alt tags for images. Alt tags are alternative tags for images, it is used to identify an image or to tell the search engine about the image. Search engines cannot read images, movies, flash. For now, it might change in the future. Alt tags are not only used for search engine purposes, but it is used for humans too, more accessibility. Consider the loading time. If you have a huge images or a lot of images, how much time will it take to load the page. You have 5 seconds to capture the attention of the visitors, if your page takes a long time to load, your visitor will go to the next site, may be your competitors site. So what can you do about it???


Image Optimization and tips

Ø      Images are good. Try to use images sparingly

Ø      Alternatively you can have a separate page for image gallery if necessary

Ø      If you have images, provide alt tags

Ø      Try to turn off the images in the browser and see if that makes sense or if your visitors can understand the content without the pictures.

Ø      Have unique alt tags for the images instead of stuffing keyword

Ø      If you having a picture of your product, have a description about that product

Ø      If it is appropriate to have links, optimize so, from there you might find visitors visiting your site.


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Prediction of Internet in 2007. Are we ready? Friday, December 1, 2006

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Prediction of Internet in 2007. Are we ready?No, it’s not too early to think about technologies and Innovations that will change the way we do business and our day to day life. 

Bradenton, Fl December 01 2006:  The New Web
Some of the jargons are Web 3.0 or defined as Semantic Web, Mash ups, Voice Recognizing search engines, Artificial Intelligence, Videos, Smart Image Tagging, MSN Live search, Mobile Technology with Image recognition with Map, GPS, Product reviews, recommendations, Price info, links, Video links, Ads in mobile, etc.  Are we ready for new web?? 

How is the new web going to change our life and business?Experts predict the way we search, the way we get results from a search will be a totally different experience. Today when we search we get related results but in the Web 3.0 will give results with a combination of all related results within one result. Today it might be confusing, once we see and use it, we will get used to it. 

What is Semantic Web?Semantic Web is almost like how Google’s Algorithm works, but it will be more specific and unique to your query. For example, if you want to go on a Vacation to a cold climate and you have a 10 year old with you, a pet and your budget is $ 3000.00, in Web 3.0 you will get the results with a combination of the entire query you requested in one unique result. But now even thou you get travel related results, the results are not unique.  

TechnologyIn the near future, you will take data, search and everything on the go. Even today, you are able to watch your favorite TV shows, Recorded TV shows in your Laptop or Desktop remotely. You can even change the recording schedules and so. You will be seeing Ads in your cell phone related to your test messages. For example if you text message your friend that you are thinking of going out for dinner, you will see ads that will suggest some of the restaurants near by the location you send the text message from with a Map, reviews, Menus and the prices. 

Are we ready for this??These technologies and more are not going to take much time to implement, but are we prepared for this? If businesses in our areas don’t adapt to these changes, obviously one of your competitor is going to implement and take advantage of these technologies.Suresh Babu is a Project Manager and a Search Analyst of The Fox Internet Marketing Solutions, A Division of the Fox Advertising Agency, Inc. Feel free to call us or email us if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

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