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Organic SEO or Organic Search Engine Optimization Friday, March 9, 2007

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Organic SEO – Sarasota, Florida


Organic SEO or Organic Search Engine Optimization is a effective way to have your website show up in the Search Engine Results. Organic or Natural SEO is to bring up a website without using any Pay per Click. As it says, the results should be organic/natural.

When a person visits Google and types in a query or keyword to find information or to buy/sell a product or for entertainment or for any research. They use a query or otherwise known as keyword to search for that particular related article or information.


 Let’s say for example, if a person wants to find information on Real Estate Market in Sarasota, Florida. I use this example since Sarasota is popular for Real Estate, houses and Florida style Homes. The visitor will go to any search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and type in that query in the search box and then the Search Engines gives you results based on the relevancy of the query comparing it with the website that has been stored in the index database. The way the search engines rank a website is using their own formula.


So what is the formula?


Well different search engine have different formula but most importantly most of the search engines look for some basic information in order to know more about the website. So the first thing when you publish your website online is the Crawlers or spiders ( A program used to visit all website) comes and visit your site, looks for a Title, so that it knows that this site is about xyz and it understands that your site is related to whatever you have in the title, So it is important to have a good Keyword rich title for your home and also for all the pages.


Then it looks for Description, A description is to tell both the search engines and the visitors what your site is about, and then it looks for Meta tags or HTML codes, these are codes to tell the spiders the information you like the spiders to gather, for example you meta tags should allow the robots to crawl your site, so that it can read and understand your site. If you don’t want the crawler to crawl your site, you may do so as well. But most importantly it is crucial to inform the crawler to allow access to your site. Once the spiders sees the access, it crawls within your site and looks for tags like what language is your site, what geographic the site needs to be. What content and if there are any Rating in the site and the name of the organization etc


Page Index


Now after looking at all these things, the crawler takes a snapshot of your website or cached. So it will take a snapshot and stores in the database or index. Indexing is same like indexing a book or folder. Here is where all the websites are stored and when a visitor search for a  query the crawlers goes to the index and finds the relevant site and gives the results, Now how the ranking method works?? Well as mentioned above, the search engine uses formula to rank a site, such as a good Title, good description, good content with keywords within the copy, a good structure of your website, good H1, H2 tags with keywords, so that not only the search engines understand but also the people who visit the site can understand easily what the site is about, A good navigation structure. Quality and trusted links to the other sites and also links pointing to your website from reputed sites, these are some of the formulas that search engines use to rank a site, this is not all of the formula just to mention a few of them.



Once you follow the guidelines of search engines and build a website, your site will be more likely be indexed and stored in the database. Organic Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. It cannot be achieved by doing it one time, since the formula changes every often, not the basic formula but that are other formulas. A few to mention:

  •  The age of your domain name
  • The amount of content available to the search engines
  • The amount of websites linking to your website and their popularity
  • The information architecture of your website
  • The quality of a page build
  • The relevancy to the end user


For more tips, articles and discussions on Search Engine Optimization please visit : sarasotapodcast.wordpress.com








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