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Do you know the Difference between Organic Search Listing and Paid listings? Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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Do you know the Difference between Organic Search Listing and Paid listings?

 According to the Pew Internet & American life Project, 62% of searchers are unaware of the distinction between paid and unpaid results. 38 % of searchers are aware of a distinction between paid and unpaid results. So what are paid and unpaid search results?

 Organic Search Listing or unpaid search results are websites that are listed in Search Engine page results for free usually found by search engine spiders or robots and then ranked based on the formula by the search engines.

 Spiders, web crawler or Robots is a program or automated script which browses the internet in a methodical, automated manner. Web Crawlers crawls the web by browsing most of the websites out there and tries to find new websites built. Whenever the web crawler visits a website, it takes a snap shot or a picture of that particular website and stores it in its database and indexes it to later bring the relevant websites up whenever we search for a keyword. The way search engines index and rank the site differs from one search engine to another search engine.

 Organic Search listings are the websites that shown in the search engine page results when you search for specific keyword, which is free and in order to get this free organic search engine results the designers, programmers or the Search engine Optimizer should follow the guidelines provided by these search engines while building the website. Some of the formulas are. Having a keyword rich page Title, have a keyword rich Description, having reputed links from trusted websites, having keywords within the copy basically building a website for a normal user where they can find useful information. There are number of guidelines given by these search engines. I have listed only a few.

 On the other hand, Paid listing or Pay per click is websites that are usually listed either on the top and or listed on the right side of the results where it says sponsored results. In order to get listed in those results, they have to pay the search engines to be listed there in those areas. Normally it is based on bidding for keywords. If you want your website to be higher on the paid search results, you have to be the higher bidder for that particular keyword to get on top of other websites. If you are bidding for highly competitive keywords, you will eventually have to pay more in order to get into the top listings.

 Organic Search Results and Paid listings have their own advantages. If you are looking for a short term or a seasonal listings, paid listings are one of the easiest and fastest way to get in to search results, Organic search listings are long term and will take time to get into search results depending on how much you follow the guidelines and dedicate the time to optimize the site.


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1. Lyle - Monday, June 11, 2007

When it comes to Internet Marketing, simplicity is the best way to go.

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