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SEO Sarasota, Florida. Optimize your local listings Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Consider this while optimizing for your Local listings

We all know how powerful and ROI a successful SEO in Local Optimization Campaign can yield. And with this Iphone, Google Earth, Mobile version, GPS-like location finder with Google Maps can be good news to local business owners.

http://www.comscore.com/press/release.asp?press=1175, in 2006, Stats for accessing the internet from a Wireless Phone for Local Search was 24 %.

According to the study, some 61% of local online searchers went on to make a purchase from a local business–but the majority of them (40%) visited the brick-and-mortar stores or picked up the phone.

Did you know that some people search the local using the Airport Codes? Which makes sense for those in that industry and who are traveling? It is easy for them to remember the Airport Code then to search the City

Imagine you are traveling and you have your cell phone in a hand, what would be an easy way to find something in your final destination or anywhere for that matter. Let’s say, while you travel you crave for Italian food and on your way to your Hotel, you like to stop by in an Italian place. What would you do? Pick up your phone, do a search for Italian restaurant with User reviews closest from your present location. You pull out the phone with the GPS like locater and search near by and end up in a good Italian Restaurant near you.

How can an Italian restaurant get listed and pop up when you search for it?

Well with some basic listings, any local businesses can be listed by following the simple step by step process. In one of my SEO post, I have mentioned, How to get listed in Local. But there is a lot you can do to enhance and get listed. What can you do?

  1. In the Name field, think of using keywords and followed by the Business Name
  2. You can use that additional address field to be creative with your keywords
  3. Have you thought of inserting Address in the Contact us Page and other appropriate web pages?
  4. How about using your phone number as a Title with keywords in pages like Contact us form page etc.
  5. Use your ZIP Code both in Local listings and also in the website in any related page, why? Remember most of the time, we tend to search online using the zip code and it’s easy to type the zip code than typing the city, state in a cell phone. Using Zip code in the Title tag can be useful and not only in Mobile, even in the Search engine Page results your site will have advantage of other sites.
  6. Airport Codes. Do you know who will search using Airport codes? People who are in the Airline Industry tend to use Airport Code, wherever possible to find information. Now, How about you adding your nearest Airport codes in your web page Titles and in the Local listings. Imagine how a Travel industry can make the best use of it
  7. Keeping up to date information in your local listings in vital and local listings makes it easier to fix any incorrect information. Now- a- days you can instantly update your listings, Take Full advantage of it. For example, the new Fix the correct location feature in Google Map is not only helpful for you, it is also helpful for anyone who is searching
  8. Ask your Customers to give a honest review of your business, that will not only help in the rankings also it will help the users to trust you
  9. You can add up to ten images in the local listings. Think what images will be effective. If your location is difficult to find. Take a picture of the well know landmark or the complex and with some simple editing you can point your store location. If you are a Dentist, How about adding some before and after pictures. If you are a printer, have some samples or portfolio pictures. Find out what picture will give a location, clear description and use to those who search.
  10. If you are listing your restaurant in the local listing, How about a link with Menu. You can create custom attributes, create your own link and link to an online version of your MENU. So those who search your location, can also get a feeling of what kind of food they are going to order when they arrive. Both you and them save time.
  11. With Custom attributes, be creative, you can create anything you want, so why no list something unique than your competition.
  12. Categories – Make use of categories in the category section. You can submit your business to multiple categories. Make use of those categories, if you don’t find the related category, you can suggest a category.
  13. Operation hours are pretty handy for those who are searching, before they come to your store, they want to make sure that your store in open during their visit. So list the exact hours of operation. You can even mention that upon request you can open and also create 2 set of hours for a single day
  14. Coupons- Make use of the coupons, It free and easy to create coupons, It provides you additional value to the customers
  15. The easiest way to verify is thru the phone, but you can also verify thru mail which might take a couple weeks and for some businesses, you can verify via SMS.

    So what experience you had both Online and Offline Business Listing, Share your thought here. Feel Free to leave a comment or ask any questions regarding listing your Business in Local Listings. For more tips on Local Listings for Small Businesses, Sarasota. Subscribe to SEO Sarasota Blog and stay Tuned. Thank you for your visit. Hope you enjoyed and learned something and looking forward for your next visit. Cheers